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The Ark presents CYCLICAL RITUALS (part 1): Spring

Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 9:00 PM

Frank London

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Jewish Music Festival Artist Residency

Finale of the 23rd Annual Jewish Music Festival

Co-presented by the Eugene & Elinor Friend Center for the Arts, JCCSF and the Consulate General of Israel. Co-sponsored by the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life and Culture

JCC San Francisco
3200 California Street, San Francisco 94118

TICKETS: $24 members and seniors; $28 general $18 students ON SALE January 15

The Ark presents CYCLICAL RITUALS (part 1): Spring

This collaboration of nine singularly innovative artists from Israel, Ukraine, New York, New Orleans and the Bay Area is the first of what is envisioned as a series of ritual performances exploring tradition, creativity, time, environment through art and music. They all share a deep commitment to traditional music, ranging from Mississippi Delta blues, to Ukrainian village ballads, as well as Yiddish, Mizrahi, Ladino, cantorial and klezmer musical expression, and in imaginative ways, have used their talent to take these forms in creative new directions. Almost all of them have worked together before in different configurations. This new ensemble will debut in this World Premiere that will be the result of a week-long artist residency.

Ark Artists:
Frank London, Ensemble Coordinator, trumpet and keyboard. This Grammy-winning founding member of the Klezmatics, dubbed the “mystical high priest of New Wave Avant-Klez jazz,” by All About Jazz is one of the most respected composers on the international Jewish music scene.
Aaron Alexander, percussion, founding member Midrash Mish Mosh: “Firmed up by crashing cadenzas and complex unison lines, Alexander’s compositions are marked by gravitating flows and quirky motifs… [his group] combines invigorating arrangements with a prominently transmitted fun factor”. Down Beat
Avi Avital, Israeli mandolin virtuoso. “The mandolin in his hands altered the colors of sounds like a kaleidoscope, dancing to the composer’s inventory of sound, hypnotizing and amusing…” Haaretz
Stuart Brotman, bass, founding member of Brave Old World and Veretski Pass. A moving force in the klezmer revival. He produced The Klezmorim’s Grammy-nominated album, Metropolis, and has performed with Andy Statman, the Klezmer Conservatory Band, Itzhak Perlman, as well as Ry Cooder, Geoff and Maria Maldaur and many others.
Jewlia Eisenberg, vocalist, founding member, Charming Hostess. “Eisenberg’s songs are hilarious and touching, and they run the gamut from hard-edged and powerful to sweet and soulful.” New Yorker
Glenn Hartman, accordion and piano, founding member of the New Orleans Klezmer Allstars, “This genre-crossing, heroically nutty Crescent City ensemble has a raucous, wild spin on the popular Eastern European revival.” Billboard
Mariana Sadowska, Ukrainian vocalist and harmonium player. “Sometimes a musician has such an inborn desire to communicate that her message naturally becomes universal. Such is the case with [her.]” New York Times
John Schott, guitar, founding member, Dream Kitchen. This Grammy-nominated artist “offers tearing musical effects and sounds like Bill Frisell on LSD. Still, the music never descends into total chaos, although it sometimes glides very close to the edge of madness.” Dresdener Neueste Nachrichten
Jessica Ivry, Cello