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EVENT: Avi Avital

Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at 3:00 PM

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Wednesday, March 22, 2:00 pm
Jewish Community Center of the East Bay
1414 Walnut St.
Berkeley, CA 94709

Avi Avital is an Israeli mandolin master who recently won first prize in the international competition for plucked strings “Città di Voghera” (Italy); and has played solo with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of Milano and others.

He has also garnered first prize of the “Giovani Talenti” (Italy), the Tzvi Rotenberg National String Instruments competition (Israel), the Paul Ben-Haim National competition (Israel), the Sharon Tavor – Pintz competition for Soloists (Israel) and the Edna Sarny competitions (Israel). He has been awarded scholarships from the America – Israel Cultural Foundation and from the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is a graduate of the Jerusalem Music Academy and Conservatorio Cesare Pollini of Padove.

Avital performs widely in Israel, Europe and the Far East. His Festival appearances include the First International Rondella Festival 2004 (The Philippines), Les Muséiques 2005, directed by Gideon Kremer, (Switzerland), Ravenna Festival 2004, directed by Riccardo Muti (Italy), and the Fourth International EGM Plucked Strings Festival (Germany).

He dedicates a large portion of his musical activity to performing and creating New Music and is often involved with Contemporary Dance, Theatre, Video Art and Electronic Music. He has played over 25 premieres of mandolin pieces by contemporary composers such as Ramon Santus, Leon Schidlowsky, Claudio Lugo, Yehezkel Braun, Abel Ehrlich, Zvi Avni and others.

Avital is a member of traditional and contemporary chamber ensembles with whom he has recorded many albums. Those include the Kerman Mandolin Quartet, Three Plucked Strings (mandolin, guitar and harpsichord), Kaprizma Ensemble (Israel), Dissonanzen Ensemble (Italy) and David Orlowsky’s Klezmorim Quartet (Germany). Since 2004 he has performed regularly with the renowned clarinetist Giora Feidman, as a member of his Sextet.

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