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25th Jewish Music Festival, March & July, 2010

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In honor of our 25th year, the Jewish Music Festival and the Judah L. Magnes Museum have collaborated to produce online exhibitions of cover and print art over the course of the Festival’s history. Thanks to this collaboration we have produced the following:

1) a digital archive of the JMF promotional materials since 1987
2) a digital history of the JMF as part of the Judah L. Magnes Museum’s Jewish Digital Narratives project
3) a host of online resources:

Community participation is encouraged directly on Flickr. The digital history is fully interactive, and members of the JMF community can participate by adding their comments, additional links, etc. via Flickr (requires free registration). Click HERE to join the conversation!

The Jewish Music Festival especially thanks Francesco Spagnolo, Yoel Clark and Paul Hamburg for their invaluable contributions to the project.